Robotics_Training_ResidentsEducation has been an important goal of the Department of Surgery since its establishment nearly 100 years ago. Early in the 20th Century, the Department’s surgeons began offering training in general surgery, urologic surgery, plastic surgery and thoracic surgery.

Today, the General Surgery Residency Program continues to play a predominant role in surgical education at Washington University School of Medicine. It is one of the most selective programs in the country and keeps pace with changes in technology and competency requirements as it allows residents input into their individual educations.

In addition to the General Surgery Residency, the Department offers residencies or fellowships in all of its surgical specialties. In 2010, the Division of Public Health Sciences began offering a master of population health sciences degree, which equips clinicians and clinical doctorates with the skills needed to design clinical outcomes research. Students work with the division’s faculty as well as other faculty members from the Department of Surgery, School of Medicine and public health programs.

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