Leave Policy

The following policy supplements the BJC Family and Medical Leave of Absence (FMLA) policy and the BJC Non-FMLA Leave of Absence policy. Residents must comply with the applicable BJC leave of absence policy. In addition, residents who apply for a FMLA or Non-FMLA leave of absence for New Child Leave (the birth or adoption of a child) or Employee Medical Leave (including pregnancy-related health conditions) will be required to use their vacation (up to three weeks) and sick leave (up to three weeks) for paid leave. If the leave is planned, vacation must be scheduled during the planned leave. Any additional approved time off will be unpaid. Click here to view this policy on the GME Consortium website.

Residents need to be aware that these leave restrictions should be taken in the context of the Surgical Board requirements of the individual's specialty. For instance, the American Board of Surgery mandates that residents must complete 48 out of 52 weeks of training each year. Thus, any time taken beyond four (4) weeks per year will have to be made up, and could result in the need to repeat an entire year of training.