General Thoracic Surgery Services at a Glance

Conditions and the treatments offered by Washington University general thoracic surgeons include:

Airway surgery:

  • Tracheal resection
  • Bronchoplasty
  • Airway stents
  • T-tubes

Benign esophageal disease:

  • Laparoscopic repair
  • Open (complicated)
  • Swallowing disorder (motility)

Esophageal cancer:

Early detection

  • Barrett's esophagus


  • Positron emission tomography (PET)
  • Esophageal ultrasound


  • Transhiatal
  • Transthoracic
  • Minimally invasive

Lung cancer:

Early detection

  • Clinical trials
  • Indeterminate Nodule Clinic


  • Imaging by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), PET (eight full-time Mallinckrodt Institute chest radiologists)
  • Mediastinoscopy
  • Thoracoscopy


  • Limited resection
  • Segmentectomy
  • Sleeve resection
  • Resection for high-risk patients
  • Multifocal cancer
  • Thoracoscopic resection 

Lung transplantation

Lung volume reduction surgery

Myasthenia Gravis

  • Transcervical thymectomy

For a thoracic surgery consultation, call (888) 287-8741.

General Thoracic Surgeons

Bryan F. Meyers, MD, MPH, Chief of General Thoracic Surgery Section
Benjamin D. Kozower, MD, MPH 
Daniel Kreisel, MD, PhD 
G. Alexander Patterson, MD
Varun Puri, MD. MSCI